Cleantex 34

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Coloured laundry detergent 30°C | 40°C | 60°C. Contains enzymes, dissolves protein soiling such as blood, sweat, urine and milk stains. Without bleaching agents or optical brighteners. Can be used alone for coloured laundry.


Laundry detergent containing enzymes for coloured items. Removes blood, protein, urine, chocolate and milk stains. Does not contain bleaching agents or optical brighteners. Suitable for all water hardness levels.

Application areas

Pure laundry detergent for coloured items. Not suitable for wool or silk.


                                       g/kg dry laundry (guide dosage)

Water hardness level Moderately soiled laundry Heavily soiled laundry

0 - 15°fH                         Approx. 12           Approx. 18

15 - 25°fH                         Approx.18             Approx. 24

over 25°fH                 Approx. 30           Approx. 36

Instructions for use

Add to the main wash cycle.

Special advice

Hardened, dried-on protein stains (blood, food) can be removed by soaking the item in CleanTEX 34 (approx. dosage 10 g/l). Leave items to soak for 12 to 24 hours at an initial temperature of 50°C. Then wash the items again.

Technical information

Storage stability: at least 2 years

pH-value: 1% solution: 10.0 - 10.5

Ingredients: anionic and non-ionic active washing substances, soap, water softeners (Zeolith A, NTA), alkaline detergents, neutral salts, enzymes, fibre protectant, anti-redeposition agents, fragrance