Tapi seal

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Impregnates carpets made of wool and synthetic fibre. Reduces re-soiling. Stains can be more easily removed. Makes cleaning easier.

Impregnates carpets made of wool and synthetic fibre. Increases the dirt-resistance. Spots are more easily removable.

Application areas

For carpets made of wool and synthetic fibre.


Apply undiluted, spray regularly.

Instructions for use

Thoroughly vacuum carpet. Shampoo heavily soiled carpet and proceed thorough spray extraction. Remove all spots. The carpet should be impregnated when dry or still slightly moist.

Allow the carpet to dry in a well-aired room before reusing it.

Product consumption

100 – 150 g / m².

Special advice

Shake the product well before use. Test the colourfastness of the carpets in an inconspicuous place. Test the product / carpet compatibility before applying the product to large surfaces (over 50 m2).

Thoroughly clean spray devices.

The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability: at least 2 years

pH value (concentrated): 4.5

Ingredients: impregnation agents, non-ionic surfactants, water-soluble solvents, water